Giant meteor spotted over Scotland

Meteor streaks across Scotland’s skies ‘so low you could HEAR it’ leaving locals transfixed

  • At least 200 people have reported seeing a huge fireball in Scotland 
  • Further reports have come in recently from Exeter and Northern Ireland 
  • The UK Meteor Network confirmed the meteor shortly after 10pm  

A large meteor has been spotted over Scotland and the north of England. 

Video shot form a back garden in Motherwell shows  large bright object flying from let to right an a downwards angle followed by a long tail. 

The UK Meteor Network has received more than 200 public reports about a fireball in the sky. A couple of their cameras caught the image. 

Witnesses claimed the object was ‘so low you could hear it’. 

A large meteor is believed to  have crashed in Scotland having been filmed and caught on camera

It was reported that the meteor was spotted around 9pm, with reports coming from across Scotland and the north of England

UK Meteor Network said they have received 35 reports of the fireball streaking across the sky

Further reports said the meteor had been spotted over County Donegal in the Republic of Ireland. 

Many people reported hearing a loud bang as the object entered the Earth’s atmosphere and shot past the sound barrier 

According to initial reports the meteor has heading from the south west over the island of Ireland and across to Scotland. 

One video shot in Dublin saw the meteor lighting the night’s sky green.  

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