Gang of kidnappers abducted child at knifepoint from screaming mum in evil plot before speeding off

A GANG of kidnappers abducted a kid at knifepoint from their screaming mum as part of an evil plot.

The gang, led by Wilfred Wong, 56, took the child from Anglesey in Wales on November 4 and had planned to take them to England and then overseas.

However, cops were able to stop the gang on the M1 in Northamptonshire, the Daily Post reported.

The case can only be reported now after reporting restrictions were lifted this week.

Wong, 56, driver Edward Stevenson, 69, and his wife Janet Stevenson, 67, were all found guilty of conspiracy to kidnap.

Another gang member, Anke Hill, 51, admitted to conspiracy to kidnap last year.

The names of the foster mum and the child – known as Child A – cannot be revealed.

A jury heard that the child's foster mum had picked them up from school on November 4 last year and arrived home before a silver car suddenly parked alongside her.

The mum told the court that Hill then got out of the car and "lunged" at her vehicle while trying to grab the child.

The mum said that Hill undid the "terrified" child's seatbelt before pulling them into the car.

She said: "(Child A) kept calling my name and asking me to help. I tried to hold on to (Child A) as much as I could."

Wilfred Wong then got out of the silver car and held a knife to the "hysterical" foster mum's face, telling her to let Child A go.

With her daughter also in her car, the foster mum said she had to "make a decision between her daughter's life and (Child A)'s life and mine".

She said Wong then let down one of her tyres before getting back into the silver car and driving away.

The "terrified" foster mum then called 999.

The kidnap gang had moved the child into a different car after stopping near a Tesco in Bangor and drove along the A55 towards southern England.

Cops were able to stop the car on the M1 at 8pm, about four hours after the kidnapping.

The child was found holding onto a toy monkey and was taken into care, while all four adults in the car were arrested.

Officers later found Google searches revealing their intended route from North Wales to Crawley, Sussex, where the Stevensons lived.

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