Friends arrive at £5500 ‘luxury’ villa to find nothing but wasteland

A group of friends who booked a £5,500 luxury villa in Croatia for a two-week holiday were shocked when they showed up to find only wasteland.

Chloe Melin and her friends arrived on the island of Hvar on Sunday, hoping for a relaxing holiday at the villa by the sea.

They had booked the 'chic' villa, named "Villa Felipa", for 6240 euros for 14 nights through the website.

But when the group of 12, from Paris, France, arrived at the given address, they were stunned to find the villa didn't actually exist at all.

Chloe, 22, told Le Parisien : "We went to see the neighbours and shopkeepers and were told we had the wrong address.

"We felt very humiliated to find ourselves on the street, we don't [wish] that on anyone."

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The group attempted to call the owner of the 'villa', but no one answered, while they claim didn't help at all.

Chloe said: "The Booking site, through which the reservation was made [did not] help. We had trouble getting them, we never had the same person each time.

"They all told us we would see a manager but after that, either the communication cut or they hung up on us."

Without accommodation on Sunday, the group wandered around the town all day trying to find somewhere to stay.

They were forced to pay for a hotel that night before eventually renting a new villa the next day.

But it wasn't without cost.

Chloe said: "Two of our friends had to return to France because financially it was not possible for them to [spend] money again.

She also said she was struggling with money after spending nearly 1000 euros on airline tickets and renting the fake villa.

Fortunately, the agency for the new villa were very accommodating and were flexible with the payment, she said.

The group were initially meant to stay until August 31 but now are now thinking to cut their trip short.

Chloe said: "We all arrived with an extra budget for outings, shopping and restaurants, but that did not include the budget for a new rental."

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