Flights resume at Dubai airport after ‘drone activity’

Flights in and out of Dubai International Airport were put on hold for half an hour this morning following reports of drones flying in the area.

The suspension at the world’s third busiest airport lasted between 0613 GMT and 0645, a spokesman said.

Traveller Andrew Todd tweeted that thousands of people were “sitting in planes going nowhere”.

Anush Wijesinha said he had been “stuck for ages” on the runway because his plane was “unable to taxi as unauthorised drones have entered the airspace”.

It follows disruption in the UK because of suspected drone activity.

After Gatwick was closed in the run up to Christmas, police said there had been 93 sightings of drone activity from “credible witnesses” including a pilot, airport staff and police officers.

In January, flights out of Heathrow were stopped for about an hour after a drone was sighted there.

Both airports have since invested millions of pounds in anti-drone technology – at a level equivalent to that used by the Armed Forces.

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