Experts reveal chances of unlikely events – from death by shark to winning lottery

WINNING the Lottery or dying in a storm – what are the odds?

Number - crunching experts at have worked out the likelihood of some very unlikely events.

And you may be dismayed to know you’ve got more chance of being killed by a shark (3,700,000 to 1) than winning the Lotto ­jackpot (45,000,000 to 1).

Here DAVID JARVIS reveals the chances of other rare happenings.

1000 – 1

Seeing a shooting star.

37,500 in 1

Being bitten by a snake.

10000 in 1

Finding a four leaf clover.

2,700,000 in 1

Being hit by a bus.

1,000,000 in 1

Crashing in a plane.

3,700,000 in 1

Being killed by a shark.

1,000,000,000,000 in 1

Meeting your doppelganger.

333,000,000 in 1

Finding £100 in the street.

62,500 in 1

Giving birth to triplets.

13,000,000 in 1

Dying in a storm.

45,000,000 in 1

Winning the lottery.


Being born with an extra toe.

110,500 in 1

Becoming a film star.

2,500,000 in 1

Being dealt a royal flush at cards.

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