Exhausted parents find sex sessions last just TWO MINUTES and 15 seconds since having kids

A whopping 71 per cent of mums and dads admit they turn to ‘quickie’ sex in order to keep the passion alive after having children.

And one in 12 busy couples even admitted to struggling so much to fit in some time with their other half that they have had full sex lasting less than a minute.

It also emerged that while three quarters of couples reckon they have less sex after becoming a parent, almost half (47 per cent) of dads claim their sex life is better than ever.

However, just 29 per cent of mums agree.

Unfortunately for parents, just 14 per cent of those polled by parenting site ChannelMum.com still enjoy long sex sessions since starting a family.

Instead, more than a quarter (26%) don’t even bother getting undressed to save time, while 27 per cent use sex toys to ‘speed things up’.

A third also admit they have to ‘grab every opportunity’ for a moment of passion with their partner.

ChannelMum.com founder Siobhan Freegard said: “Finding time for passion as parents can be very hard, so it’s great that so many still enjoy an active and inventive sex life.

“It isn’t about how long something takes, but how much you enjoy it, so well done to the minutemen who have fun in under sixty seconds.”

The study of 1,776 parents also found a huge gulf between how men and women get in the mood for a romp.

One in eight dads send intimate pictures to their partners, with 35 per cent asking their other half to send sexy images to them.

But four times more women want men to cook the dinner than sext a nude picture.

Instead, the biggest turn on for mums is a back rub, desired by half of the women quizzed.

Forty-six per cent would just like a lie-in to get them in the mood, with a quarter saying their partner vacuuming or put the bins out would likely lead to some nookie.

Researchers also found the most popular venue for a quickie for 42 per cent of parents is the playroom or living room when kids have gone to bed.

A quarter get passionate in the shower while one in five put a bolt on the bedroom door or romp in a locked bathroom.

Overall, doggy style was named the best ‘quickie’ position, enjoyed by three in five parents, followed by 53 per cent who went for the missionary position.

A quarter also try ‘spooning’ for fast sex.

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