Detective sues force for sex discrimination over domestic abuse claim

Detective sues his force for sex discrimination after claiming colleagues ignored his complaints of domestic abuse at the hands of his girlfriend because he is a man

  • Detective Constable Gareth Yates, 35, claimed he was a domestic abuse victim 
  • Reports made over three years from 2013 were not taken seriously, he claimed 
  • He will sue Cheshire Police over the claims he said damaged his career 

A high flying police officer is suing his employer over claims he was ignored when he reported being a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of his girlfriend.

Detective Constable Gareth Yates made reports about her alleged behaviour over three years but says none of his cries for help to Cheshire Police were handled properly – because he is a man.

Between July 2013 and September 2016 the officer reported he was stalked and subjected to malicious communication, theft and assault.

The 35-year-old who lives in Bolton and is representing himself said the failure to be taken seriously damaged his career.

Cheshire Police’s Detective Gareth Yates is suing the force over claims his domestic abuse allegations were ignored and not properly handled 

The once high-flying detective who appeared on Crimewatch and was involved in high profile cases has been consigned to a back office ‘clerical’ role over the ‘administrative matter’.

He had appeared publicly for the force talking about Gayle Newland who was jailed for six and a half years after she duped her female friend into having sex by pretending to be a man – after his role in the case. 

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Yesterday, a tribunal in Liverpool was told some reports of alleged attack were not even recorded, The Sun reports.

The Detective claimed had he been a woman he would have been taken more seriously.

Cheshire Police tried to block the tribunal but a judge ruled the full evidence should be heard.

Employment tribunal judge John Sherratt said: ‘It is the claimant’s contention that the respondent did not record the offences that he alleged were committed against him by his then female partner.

The high flying detective said he is now in a back office role after the reports and their handling rocked his career 

‘Whereas had the police officer reporting crimes been female reporting offences against a male partner then the allegations would have been recorded as crimes and dealt with accordingly.’

The case will come as a blow to the Cheshire force which is currently attempting to improve figures after it was found 11,600 crimes were not properly recorded.

In a mission statement, Cheshire Police says domestic abuse can affect anyone ‘regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexuality or social background’.

The hearing will be heard in full at a later date.

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