Daughter, 13, 'threatened with exclusion' over her winged eyeliner

A 13-YEAR-OLD school girl has been threatened with exclusion for wearing winged-eyeliner, despite suggestions other pupils break make-up rules.

Lexi Pickerill says she has an "alternative" sense of style and likes to wear dramatic eye makeup for lessons.

But the teenager was isolated from her classmates at The Orme
Academy in Stoke-on-Trent for breaking uniform policy on Wednesday June 6.

Now Lexi's mum has accused her of being "discriminated" against as other pupils have got away with wearing foundation, contouring and drawn on eyebrows.

She's also supported her daughter's decision to walk out of school after she was told to go into isolation for a second day.

She claims Lexi was also threatened with being excluded.

Lexi's mum, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "Lexi is more alternative in her style.

"It's OK for the other girls to break the rules because a lot of them
are doing it and look the same. But because Lexi does her make-up
differently and stands out she is being singled out."

Lexi's mum feels the school is being run like an "army camp", as they don't allow students to express themselves.

Lexi expressed the school's "unfair" makeup rule has left her "upset".

Orme Academy Principal, Mark Boughey said: "We have high and clear
expectations here at The Orme Academy that we apply consistently to
all students."

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