DAILY MAIL COMMENT: How sad Prince Harry is now the Duke of Delusion

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: How sad Prince Harry is now the Duke of Delusion

Is Prince Harry so vitriol-consumed, self-important and attention-seeking that he simply can’t resist plunging the knife into the Royal Family?

For all his sanctimonious talk of wanting to ‘make the world a better place’, no chance is missed to trash the House of Windsor.

Yesterday’s prime-time US TV interview was a shining example. The Duke of Sussex could hardly have been more caustic. He and Meghan, remember, had just done the decent thing by flying in for clear-the-air talks with the Queen.

After months of negative publicity, this offered the narcissistic duo a chance to build bridges before her 96th birthday.

Prince Harry could hardly have been more caustic during yesterday’s prime-time US TV interview

But Harry has undone the goodwill. In the interview he boasted he was checking Her Majesty is protected by the ‘right’ people.

Put aside this was a patronising comment about a woman who has guided her country with consummate wisdom for 70 years.

It was a grotesque – and idiotic – insult to Prince Charles and Prince William (whom he also pointedly refused to say he misses).

While Harry has navel-gazed with his woke California chums for two years, they have worked tirelessly to look after her.

When the Queen needed support at Prince Philip’s memorial service last month, they provided it.

And where was the duke for his grandfather’s send-off? In the States, seemingly unwilling to interrupt his busy schedule and sulking over his failed demand for police protection in Britain.

But is anyone surprised by his toxicity? He has previously branded his family racist and hurtfully accused Charles and the Queen of being dysfunctional parents.

These comments will no doubt, unintentionally, add potency to Harry and Meghan’s documentary with Netflix, which is paying them £100million.

But in the UK their stock is sinking quicker than the streaming giant’s. Many find it hard to stomach that this prickly, supposedly privacy-loving pair profit from the name of a royal family they vilify relentlessly.

For them to appear on the royal balcony during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations would be loathsome hypocrisy.

Not long ago, the nation loved Harry, who under the public gaze transformed from a confused boy walking behind his mother’s coffin into an Afghan war hero who married Meghan, his fairytale bride.

How desperately sad the dream has soured. Blinded by self-interest and with an absence of humility and disregard for our country and its people, the Duke of Sussex has become the Duke of Grievance and Delusion.

Channel flannel

The pearl-clutching from opponents of Priti Patel’s plan to resettle failed asylum seekers in Rwanda is a sight to behold.

The BBC, the Church, Labour, the civil service ‘blob’… the circus is in full cry.

The proposal has been denounced as inhumane, extortionate and ungodly. One critic even compared it to the Third Reich.

But, as we reveal, a former border chief predicts 100,000 Channel migrants will reach Britain this year in flimsy boats.

For trying to saves lives while smashing the evil traffickers who get rich exploiting the desperate, the Home Secretary deserves applause – not condemnation.

Waste of energy

Energy companies have over the years made fat profits at the expense of hard-pressed consumers.

Now, when gas and electricity bills are drawing horrified gasps, will the firms step in to ease their pain? Don’t be silly.

Instead, they suggest wealthier families cover the cost of £1,000 discounts for the poorest households.

Middle England is already struggling with tax rises, wage squeezes and soaring food prices. Why should they get shafted again?

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