Crooks must be laughing as PM eyes ex-Met chief Lord Bernard Hogan-Howe to head National Crime Agency

Howe, Boris? 

THE National Crime Agency has been looking for a new boss for several months.

Whoever gets the job will have a lot on their plate.

Top of the in-tray will be nailing the organised crime gangs who nicked billions in Covid loans.

Then there’s the inner-city drug lords and the human traffickers in the Channel making a mockery of our borders.

Cynics say the NCA might just as well stand for “Never. Catch. Anyone”.


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Perhaps it is fitting, then, for Boris Johnson to be so keen on giving the post to Lord Bernard Hogan-Howe. 

The former Met Commissioner wasted £30million hounding 21 Sun journalists through the courts without securing a single conviction. 

He spent millions more on Operation Midland’s VIP child sex rings probe based on the testimony of a fantasist.

The crooks must be laughing all the way to Marbella.

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P***ing in wind 

BORIS Johnson and Rishi Sunak squabbling over a windfall tax on oil giants is like watching William Hague and Iain Duncan Smith fighting over a comb.

It may well be a move popular with voters, it may even be arguably the right thing to do as an emergency one-off.

But ultimately the five or six billion it raises won’t make any substantial ­difference to the cost-of-living crisis.

Only tax cuts can boost the economy and get us out of this.

In the meantime, we have plenty of excellent practical advice this week for our readers on how to save money.

So while you’re waiting for Boris and Rishi to make a decision, you know that The Sun, as always, has got your back.

Ballot chancer 

ANYONE doubting the motives of the RMT in balloting members tomorrow over a UK rail strike should look at its leadership.

Assistant general secretary Eddie Dempsey praised the breakaway rebels in Donbas in Ukraine and posed for photos with a pro-Russian warlord.

He also condemned Nato for its response to Putin’s brutal invasion.

People like Dempsey are not interested in their members.

They just want to destroy our country.

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Perennial Peter 

HE was so much a fixture of the Chelsea Flower Show that not even Peter Seabrook’s sad passing could stop him being there again this year. 

An exhibition in honour of the Sun legend will feature a bench bearing his name and with his favourite tie and gardening clothes draped on top. 

Rest in peonies, Peter.

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