Coroners report solves mystery of 2016 car accident in downtown Vancouver

Two years later, we finally know what happened to Linda and Matthew Ma when they crashed their car and died in downtown Vancouver.

A coroners report says that on the night of August 29th, 2016, Matthew and his wife Linda were driving their Lexus SUV on the Seymour off-ramp of the Granville Street bridge.

The report says the car was travelling at 99km/hr when it mounted the curb and flipped the vehicle.

The posted speed limit on the bridge is 60km/hr and transitions to 50 km/hr in the downtown core.

Shortly before the end of the block, the SUV mounted the curb and continued northbound with its right wheels on the sidewalk.

The SUV struck and sheared off a no-parking sign before striking a large tree on the sidewalk.

The force of the impact caused the vehicle to flip onto the driver’s side.

As the vehicle flipped, the roof of the vehicle came into contact with a large utility pole.

Matthew and Linda Ma were both killed on the scene.

Witnesses said they did not see any braking, skidding,or brake lights prior to the collision.

Records show Matthew had medical testing done in connection with seizure disorder earlier that year.

The report concludes that the Mas died in the crash because Matthew had a seizure at the wheel.

Their deaths have been classified as accidental.

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