Corey Johnson ‘smitten’ by new beau in Instagram photo

City Council Speaker Corey Johnson said Tuesday that he’s “very smitten” with his new beau, adding that their whirlwind romance is on such a fast track that it’s already gotten the much-needed seal of approval from each other’s moms.

“I’m like blushing and swooning a little bit,” a red-faced Johnson told Fox 5’s “Good Day New York” when asked about his well-publicized relationship with New York filmmaker and fashion photographer Ernest J. Martin.

“I am so fortunate and grateful. I don’t want to get emotional, but I feel so blessed and wonderful that I met a wonderful guy a couple of months ago.”

Although neither man is using the term “boyfriend” just yet, they’ve already cleared a big hurdle — meeting each other’s families. The speaker and 2021 mayoral hopeful said it went well.

“I met his mom,” Johnson added. “He’s met my mom. My mom likes him. His mom likes me.”

Johnson, 37, raised eyebrows Thursday by posting an intimate photo of Martin, 33, shirtless near a windowsill on his personal Instagram account.

“I was at his place last Thursday night, and we were listening to a James Taylor record on a record player and hanging out, and I saw him just standing by his window, and I snapped a photograph,” Johnson recalled.

“I wasn’t thinking. I didn’t think the Internet was going to explode when I posted it.”

`Johnson said he asked Martin’s permission before snapping the image.

“He thought it was a good photo of him, and then when I woke up the next morning it had turned into a big thing,” he added.

Audrey Gelman, founder of the women-centric co-working space The Wing, was at the center of the controversy, tweeting, “If a woman elected official did this they wouldn’t have a job in the morning.”

Gelman used to do public relations for city Comptroller Scott Stringer, who is also running for mayor.

Johnson said such a “double standard” could exist, adding,“I think the real thing we need to do here is make sure there really isn’t a double standard, regardless of who you are.”

At that point, co-host Rosanna Scotto had enough and jokingly quipped, “Corey stop being so politically correct! Really!”

“The guy wasn’t naked!” she added. “He had his shirt off. We normally see guys with their shirt off.”

When asked to elaborate more on his new relationship, Johnson said, “We’re dating. But I am, very very smitten and I am very very excited. I think he is as well.”

“Do you call him a boyfriend?” asked Scotto.

“We haven’t used that word yet,” he replied.

The 37-year-old openly gay speaker blurs the line between his professional and personal life more than any other local pol, talking on social media about quitting smoking, being sober for 10 years, and loneliness.

In June, Johnson mused about being “single in the city,” posting on Twitter, “I continue to believe in finding that special long term mate. Sometimes when I slow down & stop working for a few days, loneliness can hit me like a small wave but it’s important to have hope & be open to possibilities. I’m still searching my Prince!”

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