Colin Kroll dead: Vine and HQ Trivia founder dies age 35

The Vine founder's girlfriend is said to have raised the alarm with police when she couldn't get hold of him early this morning.

Police sources told the New York Post that cops accompanied the unnamed girlfriend to his Manhattan apartment, where his body was discovered just after midnight.

Marijuana and heroin were found nearby, and he was declared dead at the scene, the source said.

Cops also said an envelope containing white power was also recovered.

Kroll was named CEO of HQ Trivia in 2015 after he was fired from Twitter when he was determined to be a "bad manager."

Kroll created Vine, a video-sharing application for smartphones that was launched in 2012 and sold to Twitter in October of that year.

But he stepped down from his position as general manager in 2014.

Vine was discontinued in 2016 as users moved to other platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat.

Female employees had claimed his behaviour made them uncomfortable, however, no sexual harassment claims were ever filed.

Earlier this year Kroll apologized for saying things in the workplace “that made some people feel unappreciated or uncomfortable".

Kroll designed HQ Trivia with Rus Yusupov and released it last year.

The app allows players to participate for free in games where they can win money outright or split prize money.

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