CNN’s Don Lemon Takes On Donald Trump’s Claim Of Being A ‘Law And Order President’

CNN reporter Don Lemon has taken Donald Trump’s statements to task once again, commenting on how the president once boasted during his campaign that he would become the “law and order president.”

No we are not talking about the long-running NBC series.

During Monday’s broadcast of CNN Tonight, Lemon aired some old footage of Trump repeatedly making a claim that he would restore law and order to the country, calling himself the “law and order president” during the 2016 election.

The Huffington Post reported that after each time Trump would utter that phrase, Lemon would add, “Except for me.”

“This president who says he’s all about law and order seems to have trouble separating what’s legal from what isn’t,” said Lemon.

He then listed some of the mounting legal woes that Trump could potentially face.

“Come on, let’s remember this fact about President Trump. Three members of his inner circle, key advisers, are now convicted felons. So much for the law and order president, folks,” he reminded the viewers of his CNN commentary series.

Lemon regularly takes on Trump and his administration, pointing out differences in the promises Trump made as a candidate and what he is doing now as President of the United States.

Lemon commentated that “its no coincidence that members of Trump’s inner circle, including Michael Cohen, have flipped on him and are cooperating with prosecutors.”

He laughed when he said the “president believes it should be illegal to ‘flip.’”

Lemon then took to task Trump’s declaration about violations of campaign finance laws, which the president called “not a big deal, frankly” in an interview segment with Fox and Friends that Lemon aired.

“Not a big deal for him but if it was Hillary [Clinton] he would say, or Obama I wonder if he would have tweeted about it,” Lemon countered. He then played the tape of a discussion between Trump and his former lawyer Michael Cohen where they are openly discussing paying hush money to silence the women Trump allegedly had affairs with. This money was allegedly paid out during the campaign, thus violating campaign finance laws.

Michael Cohen was sentenced to three years in federal prison for financial crimes and lying to Congress under oath.

Lemon then took on Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s new attorney who said that it doesn’t matter if the president switches up his stories because he’s “not under oath.” Lemon then responded with “its okay if he lies because he was a very busy man,” responding to Giuliani’s claims for the reason why Trump’s story changes so much.

Lemon then said that “three members of Trump’s inner circle, his key advisors, are now convicted felons. So much for the law and order president folks.”

CNN Tonight airs weekdays on CNN at 10 p.m.

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