Cicadas descend upon NJ town where aliens landed in ‘War of the Worlds’

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First it was aliens, now it’s cicadas.

Periodical cicadas known as Blood X have descended on the New Jersey town that was the site of the Martian landing in the famous sci-fi drama, “The War of the Worlds.”

The noisy insects crawled out of small holes where they had been hiding for 17 years in the soil of Van Nest Park in Grovers Mill — and made a beeline for the monument dedicated to the 1938 radio show that later became a film, reported.

Dan Mozgai, who runs the Cicada Mania website, said he wasn’t surprised the pests emerged there, considering thousands have been crawling out in neighboring towns.

“I was more surprised about the monument,” Mogazi told

But the creepy crawlies didn’t last long before slipping off the monument.

“It’s hard for them to get a foothold on polished metal,” said Mogazi, who shared a photo of their takeover to Twitter.

Mogazi said the coming days could bring more of the invaders to the park.

“I’m hoping we get some more rain soon, which helps to convince remaining cicadas to leave their tunnels,” he told the outlet.

The bugs typically spend 13 or 17 years underground, where they spend their time eating tree roots, digging tunnels and keep tabs on what’s happening up above.

When they finally do emerge, they only survive about a month, but the females leave behind hundreds of eggs — setting the scene for another invasion in the years to come.

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