CIA puzzle challenges wannabe spooks to find 11 differences in street scene… but eagle-eyed Twitter users get 16

THE CIA has challenged wannabe spies again to find 11 differences in a street scene – but eagle-eyed Twitter users were able to spot 16.

The intelligence agency posted a trivia game where it challenged followers and would be spies to spot 11 differences in two pictures.

The picture was posted along with the caption: "Can you 'spy' the differences? Let us know how many you find."

Sharing the answers a day later, the agency tweeted: "How did you do?"

Some Twitter users claimed they spotted more than 11 differences.

One person wrote: "I found 13."

Another said there were 16 differences.

One Twitter user said the red fire hydrant on the right of the picture appeared to taller and the sidewalk slab looked like it was lifted under the tree. 

Those were both differences the didn't CIA put in their answer but could have been accidental minor differences because of editing.

They added: "White sticker on dumpster corner likely due to photo stretch."

Another person also said: "Your box is for the missing car… but the height of the fire hydrant changed too."

One Twitter user then noted 16 differences – includingextra markings on the side of the skip placed in the right of the photos.

It comes after last month's challenge by the CIA.

They challenged followers to spot 10 differences in two pictures.

Wide eyed Twitter users however, had seized the opportunity to beat one of the world's top intelligence agencies when they spotted 12 differences.

One follower tweeted: "Hey CIA why tomorrow. We got more than 10 differences. We need more skills".

Another told the agency how easy the challenge was and went on to list 11 differences, while a third disclosed that he was able to crack the puzzle in less than a minute.

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