CCTV shows ‘dognapper stealing Yorkshire terrier’ outside owner’s home

‘Dognapper’ is caught on CCTV ‘stealing Yorkshire terrier and escaping in taxi’ before heartbroken owner receives ransom texts demanding £100 or she’ll never see her dog again

  • Pet dog Izzy got out of her owner’s garden in Southampton earlier this month
  • Man was seen getting out of a taxi and picking the pet dog up before walking off
  • Owner hoped he’d return her, but a week on she has not heard from him
  • To make matters worse, she has been sent messages demand she pay a ransom 

A dog owner has released CCTV of a man she says stole her Yorkshire terrier Izzy after the pet managed to escape from her garden.

Devastated Hanna Loughnane, 23, says the dog went missing from outside her home in Southampton, shortly after midday on December 10.

Doing some detective work of her own, she has found CCTV which shows a man getting out of a taxi and picking up the little dog, before walking off down the street.

To make matters worse, since posting a Facebook appeal, Miss Loughnane has been bombarded with ransom texts from somebody claiming to have her dog – warning if she does not transfer £100 into a bank account she will never see her again.

It is not known whether the texts were sent by the man who took Izzy or if it is a blackmailer trying their luck.

CCTV shows a man picking up a Yorkshire terrier which had escaped from its owner’s garden in Southampton. The pet has not been seen since and its owner fears it has been dognapped

Devastated Hanna Loughnane says she has a strong bond with Izzy and just wants her back

Miss Loughnane says the man in the footage did not appear to knock any doors after the finding the dog, or look around for its owner.

Local vets have told her that nobody has handed her pet in and she fears hopes of finding her are slipping away with every day that passes.

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Miss Loughnane says her dog also suffers with incontinence and requires daily eye drops for her cataracts to avoid going blind.

Miss Loughnane, who works as a mechanic, had left the dog at home with her boyfriend to go to the supermarket when it happened.

The pet dog has sight problems and needs eye drops, its owner said

She said: ‘I thought the man who took her was genuine at first and wanted to help her but as the days go by I’m becoming more convinced he’s taken her for himself.

‘It’s been really hard since she was taken. I’ve had her since she was three, she’s been part of me and my family ever since. She was really ill and fragile when I got her and we did everything we could to nurse her back to health. She’s part of the family and is completely adored.

‘It’s very heartbreaking. There’s hope but each day things get harder. It’s looking more and more likely he’s not giving her back. I don’t understand what he’s doing with her, it’s killing me not knowing if she’s even safe and warm.

‘Wherever she is now I think she’ll be crying, shaking and clueless. She can’t see properly either, which makes me even more worried.

‘If the person who has her is reading this I would say to them: give her back. You know where she lives now, or you can just take her to any vet. It’s Christmas, it’s the time of giving not taking. You can’t just pick up a dog and think she is yours and keep her.’

Surveillance footage from the street shows what appears to be a taxi stopping in the road as Izzy wanders in front of the car and walks onto the pavement.

Since the dog went missing, Miss Loughnane has been getting menacing messages

The suspect – wearing his cap on backwards – jumps out and approaches the tiny dog, kneeling down to scoop her up before heading down the road.

He walks straight past her house – apparently checking to see if the owner is nearby. He is later seen getting back into the taxi and driving away with the animal.

Hampshire Police said in statement: ‘We’re carrying out enquiries after a miniature Yorkshire terrier went missing on Wonston Road, Southampton, at around 12:30pm on Monday, December 10.

‘A man wearing a blue jacket and jeans and a dark hat was seen acting suspiciously in the area.’

Anyone with information is urged to contact the force on 101 quoting crime reference number 44180462540.


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