Cat paws away its owner’s hand when she reaches for her credit card

Feline frugal! Cat paws away its owner’s hand when she reaches for her credit card

  • Rachel Gray tried to get hold of her card at home in Perth, Western Australia 
  • Despite multiple efforts, her cat Wolfe  batted her hand away or bit each time 
  • Rachel said: ‘I’m not sure how effectively it will help me save money’  

A cash conscious cat stopped his owner getting hold of her credit card.

As Rachel Gray tried to get hold of her plastic payment at home in Perth, Western Australia, her cat Wolfe batted her hand away. 

Despite multiple efforts, the one-year-old stops his veterinary nurse mum continuously reaching out for the card. 

Rachel said: ‘I’m not sure how effectively it will help me save money, but I’m sure my partner has his fingers crossed it works.’

Wolfe is the polar opposite to Scooter, the British Shorthair cat who loves getting in the Christmas spirit. 

Also from Australia, Scooter loves to be wrapped up like a Christmas present and has done so two years running. 

As well as pawing away his owner’s hand, Wolfe made attempts to bite her hand when she reached out for her credit card

In an adorable video the cat happily sits on the wrapping paper and looks towards his owner, Anne Holden, as she starts to cut the wrap to size. 

After a few strokes and chin rubs, Scooter is ready to get settled and lay down for his big moment under the tree at his home on the Gold Coast. 

Anne moves him into the middle of the paper and gently pulls the sides up, covering the plush three-year-old cat.

Scooter also attracted attention when he decided to climb into his owner’s Christmas tree

Scooter’s confused face is left peeping out of the front of the wrapping paper as Anne sticks the sides together and says: ‘not too tight on the best present ever.’

She then tucks his tail in and tapes up the bottom of the cat parcel.

She says ‘you’ve got to use high quality paper’ before moving onto the front and tucking the paper back behind Scooter’s head.

Scooter keeps on looking ahead and remains calm throughout the wrapping process, even when his owner covers his paws up.

Anne says: ‘I think I might know who would like this present… a few million people.’

Now fully wrapped, Scooter is span around towards the decorated Christmas tree before his owner places a bow on his head.

She gives him a tickle under his cheek but an unimpressed looking Scooter just closes one eye.

He then stares straight ahead as his owner wraps a bow around him and straightens out the paper.

Scooter, who is also known as Puudles, shot to viral fame after he was wrapped up in a similar way for Christmas 2017 and the video was viewed more than 69million times.

The cute feline is perched on top of a kitchen counter in his other video and is wrapped in paper with a stocking pattern on.

Anne told stuff: ‘He’s not a small cat – he weighs seven kg and is a similar size to the backpack I was wrapping. I just wrapped him up and he purred the whole time.’





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