Boris Johnson wants snap election BEFORE October 31 Brexit date if he loses to rebels this week

BORIS Johnson is planning a snap general election in five weeks' time if he loses against rebel Remainers this week, The Sun can reveal.

The dramatic move is a significant change of thinking in No10 as it would see a nationwide poll take place before Brexit is due on October 31.

But The Sun has learned that the PM now believes he needs a fresh mandate from voters to prise a new deal from EU leaders if he loses to Remainers in the next few days in the Commons.

The PM could call a vote for an election as early as Wednesday.

Boris has told Cabinet allies that he fears an ambush by Remainer Tories allied with Labour will frustrate his efforts ahead of a key EU summit on October 17.

MPs will try and bind his hands tomorrow and stop a No Deal Brexit with a new law in Parliament forcing Boris to seek another extension to Brexit if he doesn't get a deal.

But they only have a few days back in Parliament before Boris shuts it down again until the middle of October.

Up until now Boris and his aides have been adamant that any election could only come after October 31 to stop Jeremy Corbyn reversing the Brexit referendum.

But any poll would be very high risk for the Tory leader, as long as Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party still threatens to take millions of votes from him.

Under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act, every PM now needs two thirds of all MPs – 434 – to agree to go to the country before any election can be held.
If he pushed a dissolution vote in the Commons on Wednesday, he could have a general election as early as Thursday, October 10.

The move will be seen as a huge sign that Boris wants to force a new deal with the EU, rather than force through a No Deal exit.

Remainer MPs think he's got no hope of securing a new deal, but going to the polls before October 31 shows he's serious about forcing Brussels to budge.

Boris plans to tell Tory MPs of his ‘do or die’ intentions after a crunch meeting of his Cabinet tonight at 5pm.

He will address MPs at No10 tonight at a drinks reception.

Earlier today Paddy Power were forced to suspend betting on a general election after a flurry of bets were placed.

No10 sources said today it was wrong for rebels to take control of Parliament "without the consent of the people" in a huge hint that Boris is planning to go to the polls if he loses.

A Downing Street source said today: "They will discuss Government's response to MPs seeking to take control of legislative agenda away from Government and handing it to the opposition and Corbyn without the consent of the people."

The view from Number 10 is that the expected vote on Tuesday is "an expression of confidence in (the) Government's negotiating position to secure a deal and will be treated as such".

Boris has always said he doesn't want an election, and said the people have had enough of them.

He's vowed to take Britain out of the EU by October 31, no matter what it takes.

Jeremy Corbyn said today the UK "needs" a general election – despite warnings from Tony Blair that it would be an "elephant trap" for Labour.

The ex-PM warned that Boris Johnson would win such a vote if it were called.

But Mr Corbyn said earlier during a speech in Salford: "An election is the democratic way forward."

A vote would "give the people a choice between two very different directions for the country", he added.

Labour are trailing 11 points behind the Tories in the polls at the moment.

Latest polls in the Mail on Sunday revealed at the weekend that Boris could end up with a 28-seat majority if he goes back to the country.

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