Boris Johnson vows he is 'very optimistic & hopeful' for June 21 reopening when all restrictions dropped

BORIS Johnson said today he was "very optimistic" and "hopeful" all restrictions could be lifted by June 21 as his roadmap predicts.

Speaking on a visit to a school today he said he was confident about a slow, cautious return to normality, adding: "We can really look at that June 21 date with some optimism."

The PM outlined his four-stage roadmap to the nation yesterday,

Today the PM described it as a "sensible" but "prudent" approach" and said he wanted it to be "irreversible" with no way back.

"We open up on June, the 21st in a way that I don't think people would really have thought possible, had it not been for the rollout of the vaccinations.

"It's those vaccinations that massive programme, led by the NHS that has made all the difference."

He added: "I am very optimistic that we will be able to get there."

But he vowed that "nothing can be guaranteed" in the current climate and it depends on people following the rules in each stage.

The "immense possibilities" of the vaccine rollout would lead to a "shield around our population".



Boris also talked about the possibility of vaccine passports and his review which would look at whether they would be an option for opening up the UK.

He said it would be an "ethical" issue to look at the certificates which may ban people from going to certain places without having the jab.

But he talked down the prospect, saying many people can't have the vaccine, such as children and those with other conditions, and some will refuse.

Michael Gove will lead the "proper review into the issue" in the next few weeks and months, gathering evidence

He added: "Libertarians will object, but others will think there is a case for it.

"We need to thrash all this out."

Several countries have said they will insist on vaccine passports in order to travel abroad.

Boris confirmed that certificates for flying on holiday would become the norm, saying: "It's going to come to the international stage, whatever."

Brits are willing to carry a vaccine passport if it means pubs and restaurants can reopen sooner, a poll revealed at the weekend.

Six in ten people back the idea of introducing documents to prove they have had a jab.

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