Boring blank billboard transforms into stunning artwork when water is added

AT first glance it looks like a boring blank billboard – but watch how this amazing artwork bursts into life when water is added.

Artist Saskia Gall spent 50 hours creating the 8ft by 4ft portrait using hydrochromic paint, which reacts to water or moisture.

It was installed by the Serpentine in London’s Hyde Park to mark the first day of spring.

Saskia was commissioned by skincare brand Ciaté London to mark the launch of a new ‘skin tint’ to their award-winning Dewy range.

It comes on the heels of its research which shows lockdown has made four in 10 women feel more confident in their own skin (42 per cent).

Two thirds put this down to being used to wearing less makeup (66 per cent), with 45 per cent embracing more natural looking skin.

Ciaté London’s Dewy Skin Glass Glow Skin Tint is an everyday base, offering up to 12 hours of hydration, providing luminous translucent skin with natural coverage while maintaining a ‘glass-like’ finish.

Saskia used a variety of pigment-changing paints and make-up from the Ciaté London Dewy range and other innovative artistic techniques to create the faceless image.

She said: “The Ciaté dewy range was really fun to experiment with. I love how it brings out such a natural healthy glow on the skin and tried to capture that in the painting.  

“The shine and glassy look it gives means I can really bring out the depth of colours and skin tones.

“Incorporating the wide range of foundation and blush colours in the actual painting really helped to make the painting come to life.”

Charlotte Knight, CEO and Founder of Ciaté London said: “The beginning of spring has a symbolic meaning for many of us – nature starts to wake up and new trends in fashion and beauty start to emerge.

“It seems like everything around us gets a bright splash of colour and is reborn – which is needed more now than ever, and we wanted to mark the occasion with this stunning piece of art in London’s Hyde Park.

“Saskia was able to use the new Dewy Skin tint to paint parts of the painting – allowing the glass look to really shine through on the morning of the first day of spring.”

Joining the Dewy Blush gel-balm tint blushes and best selling Dewy Stix highlighter balms, the new Dewy Skin Glass Glow Skin Tint will aid in creating the ultimate ‘glass-look’ complexion.

The installation celebrates the new Ciaté Dewy range which is available now online and includes the Dewy Blush, Dewy Stix Highlighter and Dewy Skin.

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