Bombshell report will reveal UFOs are 'REAL' after countless 'tic-tac & black triangle sightings', expert says

A BOMBSHELL report will reveal UFOs are "real" after countless "tic-tac and black triangle sightings," a former Pentagon employee said.

A document about "unidentified aerial phenomena" (or UAP) is set to be released in June, a man who claims he headed the Pentagon's UFO program for nine years said.

Luis Elizondo, the former head of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, told the New York Post that the document will detail unexplained phenomena.

UFO enthusiasts are hoping the report will contain answers about strange reported occurrences like the tic-tac shaped objects the Navy encountered in 2004, the "cubes within spears" reported by the Navy in 2014 and the black triangles sightings that have been reported around the world.

"I think the government has acknowledged the reality of UAP," Elizondo told the Post.

"I think they all want answers and I think they are all willing to ask the hard questions."

Elizondo said that UFOs have been observed performing functions that would not be possible with the aero technology currently available on earth.

He said vessels were observed flying at 11,000 mph and then being able to turn "instantly."

Speaking about an aircraft performing the same function, he told the outlet, "if you wanted to make a right-hand turn, it would take you about half the state of Ohio to do it."

He added that the type of maneuvers these alleged UFOs can do make you "recognize you are dealing with a technology more advanced than ours."

The existence of the Pentagon's aerospace threat program wasn't revealed until 2017.

Former President Donald Trump shared that the Navy had captured multiple videos of what appeared to be mysterious flying objects over the past 15 or so years.

The Department of Defense confirmed the footage was authentic and the Navy confirmed they were filming UAPs.

Trump reportedly included a mandate in a $2.3trillion appropriation bill for 2021 that said the Pentagon must file a report on their findings about UAPs this year.

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