Base jumper’s miracle escape after 4,000ft dive goes horribly wrong

An experienced base jumper is lucky to be alive after he smashed into a mountain during a 4,000ft dive.

The adrenaline junkie, known only as Karl, recorded the horrifying moment he jumped off Monte Brento, Italy, on August 16.

In the footage, he performs a mid-air flip – but when he opens his parachute – he realises something has gone horribly wrong.

Karl struggles to deploy the canopy correctly as he desperately pulls the cords to straighten it.

He groans and repeatedly screams in the video: "NO!"

He flies straight towards the mountain and smashes into the rocks with a loud thud.

He continues to slide continued to slide and then free-falls for a few more seconds before landing on rocks for a second time.

The jumper screams in pain when he looks at his feet and notices his right leg twisted outwards.

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