Aussie mum's horrifying discovery in children's trick-or-treat bags

Australian mum’s horrifying discovery inside children’s trick-or-treat bags

  • Ratsak found in kids’ Halloween lolly bags 
  • Parents urged to carefully checks children’s candy  
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An Australian mother is furious after finding rat poison slipped into a Halloween candy bag used by her son and his friend while trick-or-treating. 

Pennie Smith from the Illawarra region in NSW said her son Tyrell and his friend, both 12, had gone to the neighbourhood event on October 31 and had sachets of the poison Ratsak, which is also deadly to humans, put in their bags. 

She said her son’s friend had found one of the sachets and was holding it when he asked her if she thought ‘it was funny’ someone had given it to them. 

‘It quivers me to the core, I was just horrified. Who would do this?’ Ms Smith told the Illawarra Mercury.

She immediately grabbed both children’s candy bags and searched them before throwing the bags out entirely due to the risk of the poison contamination. 

Ms Smith said she found two sachets of Ratsak in her son and his friend’s candy bags and concerningly one had been opened and the bait was missing (pictured) 

She found two Ratsak sachets but, concerningly, one had been opened and the blue bait was missing. 

She has urged other parents, particularly those in her area, to carefully check their children’s Halloween candy bags.

‘Please keep an eye out. Imagine if a kid put this in their mouth,’ she said. 

Ms Smith said she was furious as her town Windang puts on a big celebration for Halloween with hundreds of kids and parents attending and someone was out to cause harm. 

NSW Police has said they are aware of the report and are investigating, anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers. 

She immediately search both bags (pictured) and threw them out and is urging other parents to check their own children’s stashes


The brand of rat poison known as Ratsak contains the lethal poison Brodifacoum. 

It is an anticoagulant that causes mass haemorrhaging.

It is one of the world’s most widely used pesticides. 

Ratsak tablets are wax blocks that are coloured bright blue or green so they can be easily spotted. 


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