62 XL Bully's meet up in Coventry in protest over breeds ban

The XL Bully fightback: Owners and 62 of their dogs join meet-up in Coventry in protest over the decision to ban the breed

A mass XL Bully meet has taken place with 62 of the dogs assembled in park to protest the government’s decision to outlaw the breed as dangerous.

The event organised by the Bully Linkups Fundraiser took place in Calludon Castle on Sunday with owners strictly prohibiting from bringing ‘aggressive dogs’ or ‘dogs in season.’

In a video shared from the meet, the enormous dogs can be seen lining up with their owners. 

Some are in harnesses and can be seen struggling against their bonds while others are seen in the back of the shot having been moved away from the group, seemingly to calm down. 

None of the dogs – which have been responsible for over 10 deaths in the UK since 2021- are shown wearing muzzles. 

Footage of a mass XL Bully meet in a Coventry has gone viral on Twitter

In a video shared from the meet, the enormous dogs can be seen lining up with their owners

Since footage of the meet up went viral online, many people have expressed shock that the event was allowed to happen. 

One said: ‘This video is proof that they need to be get rid off . 

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‘They need body harnesses and not leashes Even then they’d struggle.’ 

Another said: ‘What happens if just a couple of them start kicking off? Pure mayhem.’

Another ciryticised the owners, saying: ‘Not a single one with a muzzle on. 

‘At least they could do that to help people not to get worried and just incase they do try and bite.’ 

It will be illegal to own an American bully XL in England and Wales from February 1 2024, with the ban being introduced in response to several attacks involving the breed.

Owners can apply to have their pets exempt from the crackdown – which means they would have to pay £92.40 for a certificate and the dog would need to be microchipped and neutered, among other rules.

The second option would be to have their dogs put down, with the government offering £200 in compensation to these owners.

It follows a spate of recent fatal and horrific attacks involving the breed. 

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