19 Frenchmen are caught in brothel raid by Spanish police

19 Frenchmen are caught in brothel raid by Spanish police after they crossed the border in search of sex

  • 39 punters and 21 sex workers identified in the operation near French border  
  • Spanish detectives made no arrests but the clients now face heavy fines 
  • The women were questioned as part of an investigation into human trafficking 
  • Area is close to one of Europe’s biggest and best-known brothels, Paradise 
  • Police shut the brothel down last March after announcing state of emergency 

A group of Frenchmen were caught in a brothel raid by Spanish police after travelling across the border in search of sex. 

The men were among 39 punters and 21 sex workers identified during the operation at an unnamed hotel in Capmany a 20-minute drive from France. 

Officers said it was functioning ‘discreetly’ as a brothel. 

Detectives made no arrests but identified the men, who now face having heavy fines sent to their home addresses. 

The women were also identified before being questioned as part of a human trafficking investigation. 

Spanish detectives found 13 Frenchmen at a brothel in a Spanish border town. (Pictured: Covid face masks are seen at the counter of a French sex club in June last year)

The area where the raid took place is near to the Catalan border town of La Jonquera, home to one of Europe’s biggest and best-known brothels called Paradise. 

The 80-room sex venue, which also provides accommodation for the women selling their bodies, shut its doors last March when the Spanish government decreed a state of alarm. 

The 90 women working there complained at the time they were literally thrown out onto the streets with suitcases in their hands. 

A spokesman for Spain’s National Police confirmed: ‘An operation against an illegal brothel in Capmany resulted in the identification of 60 people, 21 women and 39 male clients. 

The French nationals drove 20 minutes into Spain to have sex at a brothel in the border town of Capmany

‘Nineteen of them were Frenchmen who had breached Covid mobility restrictions by crossing the border.’

Police sources said the operation was organised after police became aware the hotel was opening for business in a discreet way so as not to attract attention.’

It is understood to have had a licence to operate as a hotel which rented rooms by the hour. 

Knives and drugs were also confiscated during the raid. 

Last week French police dispersed 100 people gathered for a warehouse orgy in Paris because it broke coronavirus rules. 

Officers raided the love-in at Collegien, a Paris suburb, following reports of men and women meeting for the so-called ‘libertine’ party. 

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