Zara Tindall’s sweet nickname for Mike exposed

I'm A Celeb: Mike Tindall and Jill Scott take on Bushtucker Trial

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Each year, the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! celebrity’s all take part in a challenge in a bid to win a letter from their loved ones. The challenges comes two weeks after the campmates have been away from their loved ones, not having any contact with them for two weeks prior to their arrival in the jungle. Tonight, the campmates all took part in the challenge and triumphed by getting every single letter home, with Zara Tindall’s sweet nickname for her husband Mike Tindall being exposed.

Walking into the camp with a laminated letter, A Place in the Sun presenter Scarlette Douglas told the camp: “Celebrities, today you’ll be playing for each other’s letters from home.”

Owen Warner admitted: “I need a letter from my mum so bad, I’m gagging for it.”

Scarlette continued: “In this box are 10 blocks, each representing a letter for one celebrity. You should now decide which celebrity you wish to play for. Once decided you will then take on the challenge in three teams.”

She added: “Select carefully as the challenge will get progressively harder. Good luck, as your letters are hanging in the balance.”

Every single member of the camp was desperate to win the letter from home, with Seann Walsh saying in the Bush Telegraph: “You could see how much it meant to everyone and I don’t want to be the person that lets someone else down.”

Sue Cleaver, Boy George and Chris Moyles played for their letters first, with Chris explaining: “The aim of the game is for all three teams to balance their blocks on the beam within 60 minutes.

“The celebrities whose blocks are balanced at the end of that time will win a letter from home. As the first team, you only need to balance your three blocks.

However, even if you’ve placed your block, it is still hanging in the balance because the other celebrities might knock it off when they are placing theirs.”

The second team was Babatúndé Aléshé, Mike, Matt Hancock and Seann, and arrived with 46 minutes left on the clock.

Jill Scott, Owen and Scarlette arrived with 37 minutes left to complete the challenge, completing the challenge in 14 minutes, cheering because they knew they were triumphant.

Later, the letters were finally delivered to the camp and the campmates were eager to hear from their loved ones back home.

Sue read Mike’s letter, with Zara writing: “Hi my love, we are missing you so much and really needing some papa hugs, but glad you’re sharing them with your campmates.

“The girls are enjoying sports and throwing themselves into everything at the moment and the little man is loving life, smashing it up, learning some new words. Z, M, L and L. x”

Whilst listening to his letter being written out, Mike sat with a huge smile on his face and was tearful, before giving Sue a cuddle after reading it out. 

Tonight, Mike and Jill also took on the Bushtucker Trial, The Speak Uneasy, where they had to drink some horrific beverages in a bid to win stars for the camp.

Mike and Jill took the challenge in their stride, but Mike impressed Jill when he easily downed a vomit fruit smoothie.

Sat next to him, Jill exclaimed: “Oh I can smell that! Now you have just done that,” before covering her nose.

Downing the drink and slamming it back on the table, Jill praised: “That was impressive!” before he claimed: “Was that alright? It was bad, that was bad, understand why no one buys it.”

Dec laughed at Mike’s comment and joked: “That is why the drinks are free in here, we couldn’t charge for them.”

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! airs daily from 9pm on ITV.

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