Woman quoted £1,000 for bespoke TV unit creates her own for less than £150

Alice Jakubiak first caught the DIY bug at 19, after leaving home the previous year taking a ‘leap of faith’ on a mortgage to save money long-term.

‘When I purchased my first studio (which needed a lot of work) I did not have the finances to refurbish it,’ she told Metro.co.uk.

‘So I watched several DIY videos and taught myself how to tile, fit a kitchen, do plumbing, put up shelves, and how to lay flooring.’

After turning the place around on a budget and selling it a year later, she continued learning skills and flipping properties until, she said, ‘I reached my ultimate goal, my dream home.’

Compliance controller Alice now lives in a mock Tudor house in West London, but still flexes her creative muscles with unique renovation and decor ideas.

When on the hunt for a new TV unit, she was quoted a whopping £1,000 by a carpenter to build something out of MDF. So with that, Alice got to work on a budget alternative.

Alice said: ‘I really wanted an elegant, slim TV sideboard, so I bought three under-sink storage cabinets for £32.99 each from eBay and secured them to each other.

‘I also bought a pine top for £35 from B&Q, secured it to the top, stained it, and added brass handles which I bought from eBay for £8.’

All in all, the project cost £141.97 – a huge saving against calling in a contractor.

Alice loves her new unit, and added: ‘It is super slim so it fits perfectly in the room and I always get complements on it.

‘It has a lot of storage too – and the remote works through the cupboard doors!’ 


But Alice didn’t just save money and get a bespoke piece of furniture from the job. Sharing her DIY work has given her a new outlook on life after losing a beloved pet.

She said: ‘I started my Instagram account after my friends had suggested I do so around six months ago. 

‘I document my DIY journey on Instagram (in this new home) and this has become my new purpose and focus after losing my dog of 14 years. 

‘It has been the one and only thing that lifted me up and helped me with my grief.’

Alice’s advice to anyone else looking to give DIY a go is to bite the bullet.

‘Anything is possible,’ she said. ‘With a bit of research and some dedication, you can do it if you put your mind to it.’

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