Will there be a Finding Alice season 2?

FINDING Alice's season finale left viewers demanding answers.

Many are desperate for the mystery of Harry's murder to be unravelled in a second season of the show. Here's what we know…

Will there be another season of Finding Alice?

Although ITV bosses have stayed quiet about a second season, it seems likely that their might be a follow up.

The series was left with many storylines untied. In fact, angry viewers accused show bosses of deliberately leaving loose ends at in the series finale because it was "just setting up for another series".

Isabelle Pappas, who plays Alice and Harry’s daughter Charlotte, seemed optimistic about another installation.

She said: “It would be amazing if we did a season two.” 

She added that she's “so hopeful” for the show to continue.

What could happen in the next season?

The ITV finale left a lot of room for a second series, given that the show never reveals who killed Alice's husband Harry.

Fans are hoping that a second season will reveal the murder and their motive.

The finale saw Harry's secret son George reveal that Harry may have had other untold offspring.

So, season two could see more of Harry's children come forward and potentially looking to claim his inheritance.

Of course, Alice and Charlotte will be left to manage the repercussions with their signature dark humour.

How did season one end?

The series follows widow Alice (Keeley Hawes) as she processes the death of her beloved husband of 20 years, Harry.

Grieving Alice, struggles with overwhelming feelings of loss, abandonment and disorientation all while trying to settle into her new home.

Along the way, she uncovers a shocking secret that Harry had tried to keep from her.

The new house he built has been signed over to his parents, and Alice finds out that she has been left with no money at all.

On top of that, she discovers that her husband has a secret son called George, and he had also frozen his sperm in case he wanted any more children.

In the series finale, George reveals that Harry may have had other children.

It also transpires that George is revealed to be a hacker and taps into the smart house system to keep spy on Alice and her daughter Charlotte.

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