‘Will not have that!’ Naga Munchetty swipes at Children In Need Chair on BBC Breakfast

BBC Breakfast: Owain Wyn Evans jokingly walks off set

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Naga Munchetty and Roger Johnson presented BBC Breakfast on Saturday morning. They welcomed the Chair of Children In Need, Rosie Millard, onto the programme to chat about the impressive amount of money raised by the end of this year’s BBC Children In Need live show. However, while talking about one performance on the charity fundraiser show, Naga and Rosie had a disagreement.

More than £39 million was raised by the end of this year’s BBC Children In Need live show.

The programme featured appearances from stars Ed Sheeran, Graham Norton and Abba.

BBC Breakfast sport presenter Mike Bushell was one of the famous faces that took part in the charity live show.

He showed off his vocal skills in a special Children In Need edition of musical guessing game I Can See Your Voice.

On Saturday’s instalment of BBC Breakfast, Naga and John were keen to talk about their colleague’s performance on Children In Need.

However, Rosie made it clear she wasn’t too impressed with the sport journalist’s singing voice.

Despite not liking Mike’s vocals, the Children In Need Chair did praise him for getting on stage and performing in front of so many people.

Rosie said: “If you line up a hundred people and said ‘What is your worst fear? What is your worst fear?’ It would be singing in public.”

“And he did it!” Naga exclaimed, with Roger adding: “He was game for it.”

“He was. He was game to being mocked nationally,” Rosie laughed.

However, Naga came to her co-star’s defence, insisting Mike does have a talent for singing.

“His singing voice may not have suited that style of singing, but I can tell you he has got a nice singing voice,” the presenter explained.

However, Rosie hit back: “No, it was a car crash!”

Shocked by the harsh remark, Naga exclaimed: “Rosie! Now look, as a guest on this sofa we will not have you disparage one of the Breakfast family.”

“Children in Need, Children in Need,” Rosie laughed, with her hands in the air.

“Yes, you’ve got that to defend yourself Rosie,” Naga replied.

As the interview came to an end Rosie thanked Naga, Roger, and the whole team at BBC Breakfast.

“Thanks so much. Thanks for your support as well. The whole BBC, but particularly this show has been really behind us the whole way,” she said.

“Well, Owain did well with his drums didn’t he,” Roger commented, referencing BBC weatherman Owain Wyn Evans who took on a 24 hour ‘drumathon’ challenge for Children In Need.

“Oh, he was so lovely. I’ve learnt so much about drumming as well,” Rosie replied.

Naga chimed in with a cheeky swipe at Owain: “Yeah, he does go on about it!”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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