Why the 2020 Oscar Race for Best Picture Is So Hard to Predict — IndieWire’s Movie Podcast

The shortest Oscar race in history became much narrower on Monday morning with the announcement of the 2020 nominations. At the same time, many of the biggest categories are suddenly harder to call than ever. The Best Picture race might seem like it comes down to “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” (above) versus “Parasite” — but Quentin Tarantino’s nostalgic romp lacked a much-needed editing nomination, and “Parasite” has to overcome voters’ decision to relegate it to the Best International Feature category alone. But does all of this really add momentum to “1917”? In this week’s episode of Screen Talk, IndieWire’s Eric Kohn and Anne Thompson discuss these questions and more, while debating the most frustrating outcome of this year’s nominations — the absence of female filmmakers in the Best Director category.

Listen to the full episode below. 

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