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THE DEPARTURE of fan favorites and highly hated characters is nothing new to viewers of Days Of Our Lives.

Following the events of season 57, another main cast member left the Emmy-winning DAYS.

Why did Eli Grant leave Days of Our Lives?

In the midst of the drama that took place in the latter part of the 57th season, it was revealed that Eli Grant was also scheduled to leave Days Of Our Lives.

Eli, portrayed by Lamon Archey, and his exit from DAYS comes on the heels of his wife Lani Price's murder confession.

To rewind the chaos that happened, Lani, played by Sal Stowers, shot and killed her own father, TR Coates.

Prior to her killing him, TR shot Eli after the latter's discovery of the former's drug possession.

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The incident left Eli in a coma for months and when he awoke, he told Lani of what happened and she set to confront TR.

When she went to faceoff against her father, he was already in the middle of another violent encounter with her mother Paulina and stepfather Abe Carver.

Fast forward months later, Lani chose to reveal her role in TR's homicide during Paulina and Abe's wedding.

Before the reveal, Eli attempted to persuade Lani to allow Paulina to take the rap for what happened to TR, which she did not agree to due to feelings of guilt.

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Eli's last scenes in the series aired on Monday, July 4, and fans bid farewell to both him and Lani.

As the plot continued to unfold, Eli gathered his children and left his friends and family in Salem, Illinois, and headed to Maryland.

The former moved his and Lani's kids' lives to Maryland in order to be closer to the latter, who is serving a prison sentence for TR's murder in the aforementioned state.

As Lani went to jail and Eli followed closely behind, fans of the show took to social media to make their opinions known.

One DAYS fan said on Twitter: "Eli & Lani are yet another popular couple that #DAYS has squandered. Are they not trying to get renewed next year? I’m really trying to understand the direction of this show."

A second viewer tweeted: "Eli did NOT want Lani admitting she shot TR. He's not about to accept a life without Lani."

Another viewer tweeted: "These two will always be beautiful. I love Eli and Lani forever."

"So sad to see Eli and Lani go! Hope they return soon," wrote another user.

Who is Eli Grant?

During the 52nd season of Days Of Our Lives, Eli Grant was introduced to the show's audience, as well as the denizens of Salem.

Eli is the son of series regulars Valerie Grant and the late David Banning, and also a member of the centrally featured Horton family.

He is also the grandson of popular Horton family matriarch, Julie Olson Williams.

Eli and Lani married and held their nuptials during DAYS' 55th cycle.

How can I watch Days?

Days Of Our Lives typically airs Monday through Friday at 1pm EST on NBC.

Fans who miss the episodes' initial airing can check out the series through the number of streaming options available.

Days and their seasons are available to subscribers of Hulu and Peacock.

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