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YOU'D be hard to find someone in the UK who didn't know who Katie Price was, thanks to her well documented antics.

But when she is not busy dominating the headlines, she enjoys spending time with her beloved mum Amy.

Who is Katie Price's mum Amy?

Born in October 1952, Amy Price (née Charlier) is the mother of Katie Price.

Her first partner Ray Infield (Katie's father), left the family when her daughter was four-years-old.

In 1988 she married the builder Paul Price and Katie also took his name.

KP often talks about her mum, and what a support she is to her.

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What illness does Amy have?

Amy was diagnosed with idopathic pulmonary fibrosis in 2017.

Sadly her illness is terminal and there is no cure.

As of 2023, Amy continues her ongoing health battle.

What is Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis?

According to the NHS, Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) is a condition in which the lungs become scarred and breathing becomes increasingly difficult.

It's not clear what causes it, but it usually affects people who are around 70 to 75 years old, and is rare in people under 50.

Several treatments can help reduce the rate at which IPF gets worse, but there's currently no treatment that can stop or reverse the scarring of the lungs.

What has Katie Price said about her mum's illness?

Back in 2017 Amy bravely opened up about her diagnosis on Loose Women.

On hearing the sad news Katie took to Twitter to pledge her support for the British Lung foundation – and ran the London Marathon in 2018 in aid of the charity.

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She said: "As a shock to us all, Me and my family are proud to be supporting the British Lung foundation to help support awareness and raising funds for research of IPF.

"With this we can help in other diagnosis and create awareness for people with IPF"

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How many children does Amy have?

Amy has two daughters – Katie and Sophie.

She also has a step son called Daniel.

When she married Paul she had Sophie, so she is Katie's half-sister.

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