Who is Jack Stein on Cooking With The Stars and is he related to Rick Stein?

JACK STEIN is appearing as a pro chef on new ITV show Cooking With The Stars.

With a surname like Stein, it's clear that Jack is a food industry veteran.

Who is Jack Stein?

Jack Stein is a pro chef and chef director across the Rick Stein restaurants.

He is also the author of cookbook World on a Plate, released by Bloomsbury Cooks and Absolute Press.

Jack began his career in the hospitality industry as a kitchen porter whilst still at school in The Seafood Restaurant kitchen. 

He studied at Cardiff University, completing a BSC in Psychology before going on to do a Masters in Ancient History. 

But the food enthusiast turned his back on life in the city and returned to Cornwall to pursue a career as a chef.

Jack is engaged to Australian Lucy, with whom he shares his son Milo and daughter Arla.

Is he related to Rick Stein?

Yes, he is Rick Stein's own son.

He is one of Stein's three sons with his first wife Jill.

His brothers Edward and Jack all work on their dad's business too.

What TV shows has Jack Stein been on?

Jack has hosted the show Wine, Dine and Stein with his brother Charlie.

He also had his own show, Jack Stein: Born to Cook on SBS and UKTV food.

His show Inside the Box showcased the history and flavours of classic English dishes.

And now, Jack will feature in the brand new cooking show, Cooking With The Stars.

Speaking about his new TV role, Jack said: “I was so happy to be chosen to be a mentor and judge on cooking with the stars.

"I think the public are really going to enjoy seeing these household names under pressure to cook dishes in time that look and taste great”

What restaurants has Jack Stein worked at?

Following his masters, Jack worked as a Commis Chef at The Seafood Restaurant, before becoming Sous Chef at Rick Stein’s Café.

Jack travelled the world to train as a chef and has worked at restaurants across the globe.

He staged at La Régalade in Paris and Tetsuya’s in Sydney not to mention places in Australia, the Far East and Japan.

Jack now acts as Chef Director of the Rick Stein restaurant franchises as of 2017.

He has now launched his own cookery courses at Rick Stein’s Cookery School, allowing students to cook alongside and learn from him.

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