Who is in the body bag in Hollyoaks and who dies?

The New Year is rapidly approaching, and while that will ultimately bring with it a lot of things, it can only mean one thing for Hollyoaks fans.

Yes, after 12 months, the answer to the question that has plagued them for a whole year will finally be revealed.

Last year, the Channel 4 soap made history with a stellar flash-forward episode that previewed what the eponymous village would look like on New Year’s Eve 2020.

There were plenty of questions raised — such as why was Sid Sumner’s (Billy Price) guitar all smashed up? Or what is the significance of the knife that was being packed away? — but there was one in particular that had viewers scratching their head.

Who is in the body bag?

Who is in the body bag in Hollyoaks?

It’s a question we’d love to know the answer to, but unfortunately, we don’t know just yet!

What we do know is that John Paul McQueen (James Sutton) breaks down in tears as he sets his sights upon the body bag — primarily because boyfriend PC George Kiss’ (Callum Kerr) police badge is lying next to it.

Is George the resident who loses his life?

Or is it someone else, entirely?

We did plenty of investigating over the past year, as we quizzed several of the soap’s finest about the mystery death.

‘Oh my god! Oh my god, who is it?!’ actress Kirsty Leigh Porter told Metro.co.uk back in June. ‘We haven’t got a clue, they won’t tell us!

‘I mean, things get leaked all the time and you get the smug few who are like “Well, I know!” but with this nobody knows!

‘There’s no buttering anyone up, nobody knows, and that’s the final say! It’s going to be exciting, so I’ve kind of just stopped guessing!’

Connor Calland who plays Jordan Price told us back in May: ‘I really wish I did [know]! I don’t.

‘I’ve read so many things online, with different people being in the body bag, and each one I read I start believing!’

‘But I don’t know which one to believe now, because I’ll read one and think ‘Oh yeah, that makes sense.’

‘And then I’ll read another and think ‘Oh no wait, that one makes more sense!’, and then I’ll read another and think ‘Oh no that one makes more sense!’ So… I’m pulling hairs out! I just want to know for peace of mind now.’

‘It could literally be anyone at this point, and I think its bouncing between — each week something new happens with the storyline and it just adds more to it.’

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