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THE Sidemen rose to fame through their YouTube channel.

The group have gone from strength to strength, but who are they?

Who are the Sidemen?

The Sidemen are a British YouTube group which was created in 2013.

They are the biggest YouTube group in the United Kingdom.

Their Sidemen channel has more 16.5M subscribers and over 4billion video views (as of September 2022)

The group is made up of Josh Bradley, Simon Minter, Tobi Brown, KSI, Ethan Payne, Vikram Barn and Harry Lewis.

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Josh Bradley

Josh was born in Bermondsey in South London in 1992 and is the eldest of the Sidemen.

He also goes by the name of Zerkaa and started uploading YouTube videos in 2008.

Josh initially posted gameplay videos Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 but progressed into posting FIFA and other football-related videos.

Up until 2014, Josh rarely showed his face on camera and was often seen hidden behind a mask.

Simon Minter

Simon Minter was born September 7, 1992 and is also known online as Miniminter.

After dropping out of uni after just three months, he has carved out a successful YouTube career since December 2012. 

The busy YouTuber now works across six channels, which includes his own, plus the Sidemen.

Tobi Brown 

Born on April 8, 1993, Tobi – better known as TBJZL – joined YouTube in 2011 while at university after he saw pal Josh Bradley gaining traction on the platform.

After uni he then decided to become a full-time YouTuber.

He uploads video game commentaries, most notably of the FIFA and NBA 2K video game series, as well as football challenges, vlogs, and comedy style videos.

In June 2018, Tobi founded a streetwear brand called ILLVZN.


KSI was born June 19, 1993, and is also a rapper, comedian and actor.

His real name is Olajide William "JJ" Olatunji.

KSI attended the independent Berkhamsted School alongside future Sideman member and YouTube collaborator Miniminter.

KSI – which stands for knowledge, strength, integrity – first arrived on the YouTube scene in 2009, originally posting videos about video games.

Ethan Payne

Born in London on June 20, 1995, Ethan Payne is better known as Behzinga.

He produces videos on gaming, football, comedy, and fitness, and is a co-founder and member of the world famous British YouTube group Sidemen.

He, as well as other Sidemen members co-founded XIX Vodka, and a restaurant chain known as Sides.

In 2019, Ethan was listed as the 31st most influential online creator in the UK by The Sunday Times.

Vikram Barn

Vikram Barn was born on August 2, 1995 and is better known as Vikkstar123.

He joined YouTube in 2010 – having played games with his friends he got into watching YouTubers and making videos of their own.

Eventually he decided to launch his own channel, and then later joined Sidemen.

Harry Lewis

Born on November 24, 1996, Harry Lewis – also known as wroetoshaw or W2S – is the youngest member of the Sidemen.

He initially had several YouTube channels on which he'd experiment with different ideas.

Eventually, he set up his main channel wroetoshaw.

Harry created this name from FIFA and it is a combination of the players Nicky Wroe and Tom Bradshaw.

He dropped out of school at 17 and decided to pursue YouTube as a full-time job.

What do Sidemen do on YouTube?

They originally started out playing video games together and later branched out into more varied content.

Since January 2018, they have uploaded weekly videos to their group channel under the banner of Sidemen Sunday.

Sidemen also have a huge presence on Instagram, where their channel @sidemen has 4.4M followers (as of August 2022)

What is the net worth for the Sidemen?

The group has a net worth of a whopping £44.2M.

They generate their cash through the following:

  • Sponsorship deals – Big brands are keen to advertise with the Sidemen due to their large audience.
  • YouTube Ads – these are the ads that appear before videos and can be a big earner if your viewing figures are in the millions.  According to Socialblade.com, the Sidemen’s YouTube channel earns between £189,500 to £3 million per year.
  • Merchandise Sales – Their clothing range is another big earner for the group, and earns them about £2 million per year.

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