Who are Teyana Taylor's parents Nikki Taylor and Tito Smith?

TEYANA Taylor continues to go from strength to strength as one of the biggest upcoming stars in the US.

But the multi-talented 30-year-old, who was crowned Maxims Sexiest Women alive 2021, believes a lot of her success is owned to her upbringing. Here’s all we know about her family.

Who are Teyana Taylor's parents?

Teyana was born on Dec. 10, 1990, to her father Tito Smith and her mother, Nikki Taylor.

Nicki Taylor

Nikki Taylor has been reported as a "major figure in the fashion industry" with a history in celebrity styling and a number of industry connections.

She built this reputation while raising young Teyana as a single mom in New York.

According to account’s, Nikki encouraged her daughter to follow her dreams for a young age as Teyana competed in talent shows from the age of 9.

She later became her Tenyana’s manager amid her meteoric rise in the music industry.

She since founded the Taylormade Management Group, Inc. and Taylormade Enterprises.

Speaking in a interview with Vice in 2020 Tenyana also shared how her mum even informed her music taste as kid.

She said: “My mom would play all these records, the greatest hits of the ‘90s, ‘80s, and ‘70s.” 

“And while the kids would play, I would literally have my ear against the wall just singing all the songs.” 

Tito Smith

There is very little known about Tenaya’s biological father aside from the fact that he has spent several years in jail.

Does Teyana Taylor have siblings?

Unlike mother Nikki, who has just the one daughter, dad Tito reportedly fathered two sons and one daughter from another relationship.

This has left Teyana with 3 unmanned siblings on her father’s side, although it’s unknown whether they have any contact.

Meanwhile, Teyana added to her own close knit family in 2015 after the birth of her baby daughter Junie with husband Iman Shumpert.

They then added a second daughter in September 2020 called little Rue Rose.

In an episode of their TV Show Teyana and Iman, the singer spoke about the lessons she learned from her own mom about parenting. “I take a little bit of everything from my mom. I be stealing all her little mom things,” she said.

“There’s no such thing as being a perfect mom. I think as a new mom, we get caught up in thinking that we’re doing everything wrong.

And it’s like, no wrong or right way, you know? So just to not overthink it and, you know, always do the best that you can do and not put too much pressure on yourself.”

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