Where is Showtrial on BBC filmed?

Showtrial: BBC release trailer for new drama series

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Showtrial is set to be an intense and morally grey series from the BBC. Premiering October 31, viewers will see a murder investigation unfold in a courtroom while police investigators fight for evidence and battle the public’s prejudice. The series was filmed in a variety of recognisable locations, with the show’s scope stretching far beyond the courtroom.

Where is Showtrial on BBC filmed?

The BBC is releasing its next major drama event with Showtrial, promising to keep viewers gripped over the course of its five episodes.

There will be plenty of twists and turns along the way, but one thing fans will notice is some familiar locations.

This is the latest series to be filmed in Bristol, joining a growing list of modern productions in the city.

It joins Stephen Merchant’s The Outlaws and the Channel 4 remake of Before We Die, all recently filmed in the city. 

While most of the plot takes place inside a courtroom, the investigation will take detectives across the city and in some neighbouring areas.

The BBC has not released an official list of locations used for the show, so Bristol residents will have to keep their eyes peeled for familiar spots.

It looks like production is ramping up for Bristol, as this year has seen production bounce back for the city.

It has not been confirmed if the series will receive a second season, but if it does, fans should expect Bristol to be used again for filming.

Who is in the cast of Showtrial?

The series is led by two main stars, the first is Celine Buckens in the role of Talitha Campbell.

Talitha is the accused in the series, fighting to retain her wavering reputation.

Buckens recently appeared in Bridgerton as Kitty Langham and Warrior as Sophie Mercer.

Joining her as co-lead is Tracy Ifeachor as Cleo Roberts.

This is the solicitor that will be fighting alongside Talitha throughout the case, though she may be having some doubts herself.

Fans will recognise Ifeachor from shows such as The Bourne spin-off Treadstone and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Also joining the two main stars is a cast of familiar faces, including James Frain as Damian Campbell, Kerr Logan as James Thornley, and Lolita Chakrabarti as Meera Harwood.

Rounding out the main cast is Sinead Keenan as Paula Cassidy, Rebecca Grant as Niche Barie, and Sharon D Clarke as Virginia Hoult.

What is Showtrial about?

Showtrial follows the investigation of the disappearance of Hannah Ellis (played by Abra Thompson).

Believed to have been murdered, Talitha is arrested on suspicion of the horrific crime.

Denying all charges, Cleo is brought on board to help defend the privileged suspect.

Doubt will be cast on events, motives, and relationships throughout each episode, as the characters fall into the familiar trap of inborn prejudice.

Showtrial will premiere on October 31 on BBC One at 9pm.

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