When did Daz Spencer run over Graham Foster in Emmerdale and will he die?

They were even more stunned when it was revealed that the unlucky victim was Graham Foster. Here’s everything you need to know…

When did Daz Spencer run over Graham Foster?

Daz knocked poor Graham over on December 6, 2018, after drunkenly finding his new company car in a field.

The car had previously been nicked by village teens Leanna Cavanagh, Noah Dingle, and Amelia Spencer.

The kids had been joyriding but abandoned the motor when they crashed it into a ditch.

Later Daz, who had been out drinking with his new boss, stumbled across it and decided to get in for a nap.

When he woke up, he was still very drunk but decided to drive home.

He was distracted when Noah’s mobile started ringing from the foot-well and smashed into something – or rather someone.

Daz initially thought he’d hit a deer, but when he got out of the car he realised another car had stopped and overheard them saying it was a person.

Will Graham Foster die from his injuries?

The person Daz hit was revealed to be Graham Foster at the end of the episode.

He looked to be in a pretty bad way when he was wheeled into A&E but it’s not yet known if Graham will survive – or if he will have any permanent injuries from the crash.

Andrew Scarborough who plays Graham hasn’t announced he’s leaving the ITV soap and there hasn’t been anything from Emmerdale to suggest he’s on his way out, but who knows.

We know that Daz will begin to panic as the police look into the crash and plots to leave the village.

Maybe it will be Daz’s departure, and not Graham’s, we see.

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