'When Calls the Heart' Star Erin Krakow Promises We'll See More of That Love Triangle in the Show's Christmas Special

Bad news, Hearties. We still don’t know an exact premiere date for When Calls the Heart Season 7. Hallmark Channel has promised that the beloved show will return in 2020, but the network hasn’t revealed when the first episode will air. 

But that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to look forward to in Hope Valley. As in years past, a When Calls the Heart holiday special is part of Hallmark’s annual Countdown to Christmas lineup. 

‘When Calls the Heart: Home for Christmas’ airs Christmas Day 

Hallmark has a big Christmas gift for Hearties. When Calls the Heart: Home for Christmas will airs Wednesday, December 25 at 8/7c. It’s the fifth holiday special for the heartwarming period drama set on the Canadian frontier at the turn of the 20th century. 

The special sees Elizabeth Thornton (Erin Krakow) celebrating her son’s first Christmas. But as she tries to create holiday traditions for herself and Jack Jr., she’s also faced with missing her husband, Jack Thornton (Daniel Lissing), who died before baby Jack’s birth. 

We’ll revisit that love triangle  

Season 6 of When Calls the Heart introduced two new characters who were each positioned as a potential love interest for Elizabeth: Saloon owner Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally) and new mountie Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry). During the season 6 finale, Elizabeth asked Lucas to dance at Hope Valley’s Founder’s Day Festival, suggesting that she’d chosen him over Nathan. But she also shared a meaningful look with Nathan, indicating that her mind might not be totally made up. 

We’ll seem more of Elizabeth, Lucas, and Nathan in When Calls the Heart: Home for Christmas, Krakow told Entertainment Tonight. The show will be “picking up where we left off with that cliffhanger and getting to see a bit more of where Elizabeth, Nathan and Lucas stand,” the actress explained.

Will Elizabeth make her choice in season 7?

While it seems like we’ll be getting a bit more insight into Elizabeth feelings in the Christmas special, it doesn’t sound like she’ll be making a choice between the two men just yet. 

Krakow told ET that season 6 was really about Elizabeth moving on after Jack’s death (which happened at the end of season 5) and adjusting to her new role as a single mom. Now, she’s starting to think about what’s next, including whether it’s time to let another man into her life. 

[B]y the end of season six, we see that she is starting to become willing to open her heart to love again,” Krakow said. “In season seven, we get to see a bit more of that, as far as how she feels about these two men.” 

“I think maybe she’s a bit surprised that she’s got feelings for anyone, let alone two men,” the 35-year-old actress added. “They’re pretty great guys. They’re both single, they’re both handsome, they’re generous, they’re sensitive, they’re good listeners, they’re good with her kid, I mean, I have to think that Jack would approve, he’d want her to be happy and we’re moving in that direction.”

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