What's next for Belle Dingle in Emmerdale? Andrea has sided with Jamie in huge twist

THINGS weren’t looking great for Belle Dingle last night (October 6) in Emmerdale after Andrea switched sides and backed her estranged husband Jamie over Belle. 

The scorned wife had originally promised to back up Belle’s story – but instead gave her ex an alibi in a huge twist. So what’s next for poor Belle?

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What’s next for Belle Dingle in Emmerdale after Andrea’s betrayal?

Mental health issues

Fans are convinced Andrea’s betrayal will be the last straw for Belle.

Sure enough, official spoilers have revealed that Belle will begin to hear the voice of her dead mum Lisa next week as her psychosis returns. 

The vet was diagnosed with schizophrenia back in 2014 after hearing voices.

And it seems the strain of the situation with Jamie and Andrea will send her back on a downward spiral in upcoming episodes. 

Will Belle keep the fact she’s struggling secret?

Prison for Jamie’s crimes

Jamie's determination to avoid going to prison has left fans fearing he'll throw Belle under the bus.

One fan tweeted: "I really hope that this doesn't twist onto Belle. She doesn't deserve to go to prison. She wouldn't cope."

Sure enough, spoilers for next week have teased that Jamie will discuss implicating Belle in the hit and run.

But will he go through with it?

A feud with Jamie and Andrea

Belle showed a sneaky side when she bided her time until Jamie showed her evidence of his crime. 

Might she have another plan under her sleeve to get Jamie sent down?

Might Andrea be deceiving Jamie – and actually have teamed up with Belle to bring him down?

Dingle revenge

If Belle gets her family on side, might they team up to bring down Jamie?

Viewers know that Cain and Moira aren’t to be messed with. 

But knowing Cain’s track record, might he go a bit too far?

Work with Jamie to frame Andrea

There’s still time for Belle to swoop in and work with Jamie to frame Andrea for the hit and run.

One viewer said: "Andrea doesn't really have much of a alibi herself after all does she?"

Another fan added: "He's obviously gonna try & frame someone, only question is who exactly."

Might Jamie and Belle frame Andrea in another plot twist?

With Emmerdale keeping shtum, viewers will have to wait and see.

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