What Was Michael Tylo's Net Worth At the Time of His Death

Hunter Tylo’s death on September 30, 2021, rocked the television world. Tylo was a lauded performer, perhaps best known for his role as Guiding Light’s Quinton Chamberlain. However, Tylo had a jam-packed career when it came to television, having appeared in or starred on a variety of other shows. What was Michael Tylo’s net worth at the time of his death? The question is actually up to some degree of debate.

Michael Tylo died on September 30, 2021

Michael Tylo died on September 30, 2021 at Henderson Hospital in Henderson, NV, at the age of 73. Tylo, who acted in Guiding Light, General Hospital, and The Young and the Restless, among other shows, was also a professor of film at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. 

Nancy Uscher, the dean of the College of Fine Arts at the University of Nevada Las Vegas wrote about Tylo following his death.

“Michael Tylo was a beautiful and caring human being — he was so special. He was an exemplary friend, colleague, teacher, and artist. He had such a distinguished and rich career, but he was humble about his accomplishments,” wrote Uscher. 

“He loved his family dearly and lived a joyous life, but he left us way too soon. We will miss him greatly, but feel deep gratitude about all that Michael contributed to the College of Fine Arts, UNLV, and the world.”

“Our deepest sympathies to the family and loved ones of Michael Tylo who graced #YR with his talents as Blade and Rick,” tweeted the Young and the Restless Twitter account. 

What was Michael Tylo’s net worth?

There’s no debating that Michael Tylo had a huge impact on daytime television and the soap opera world. Naturally, his appearance on such a wide variety of shows and his lengthy career means he accrued a sizable net worth. 

However, there is some variety when it comes to Michael Tylo’s net worth, depending on who you ask. It seems Michael Tylo’s net worth has not been officially disclosed, but estimations place him somewhere between $3 million and $13 million. TV Guide Time estimates Michael Tylo’s net worth at $3 million, and Idol Net Worth puts him at $13 million. Quite a wide range. Net Worth Post suggests he had assets valuing up to $11 million. 

He originally didn’t want to act

Michael Tylo’s career is certainly distinguished, but fans will be amused to learn that Tylo didn’t originally want to become an actor. 

“I never wanted to become an actor. In the sixties, I worked with Sir Tyrone Guthrie and was then a directing student. I always wanted to direct, but I had one of those faces that at 35 years old, I could still play an 18-year-old,” he told TV Scene.  

“For example at that age, I played Lesley in The Hostage, and when you look like that, no-one wants to trust their budget to someone who looks like they just walked out of public school. But I decided to act anyway.”

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