Watch Saoirse Ronan Ace a Bridesmaids Movie Quiz and Prove She's the Biggest Fan: 'I Love It'

It’s official — Saoirse Ronan is the biggest fan of Bridesmaids.

The Mary Queen of Scots actress stopped by the Tonight Show on Tuesday where host Jimmy Fallon quizzed her on the Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph 2011 hit comedy after hearing that she was a fan.

“Huge [fan],” Ronan, 24, replied. “Like, I’m playing it in my head right now. So I’m not really here, I’m there.”

After revealing that she was replaying the hilarious airplane scene where Wiig’s character gets drunk and causes a major disturbance, Fallon launched into the questions, which Ronan answered perfectly.

“What does Rebel Wilson’s character use to treat her infected tattoo?” Fallon asked.

“She uses a bag of peas — she uses the peas out of the bag. You’re supposed to keep the peas in the bag,” Ronan answered without missing a beat.

“What kind of food did they eat before the wedding dress fitting?” Fallon continued.

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“Brazilian chicken,” Ronan once again nailed.

The two continue back and forth, with Ronan expertly quoting lines from the movie, including Melissa McCarthy’s hilarious line about wanting the bridal shower to be “female fight club” themed.

“I love it very much,” Ronan said after perfectly singing the tune Wiig and Rose Byrne sing during their bridal shower toast.

Watch the video above for all of her answers.

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