WATCH: Julie Bowen Reveals the Hilarious Time She Got So High She Started Crawling on the Floor

In a shocking and hilarious confession, Julie Bowen recalled the time she got so high she started crawling on the ground.

As the Modern Family actress and Busy Philipps drank margaritas on Monday night’s episode of Busy Tonight, Bowen asked the host if she ever had a drink before working out.

“I use to get stoned and run,” Philipps, 39, joked, as the audience laughed. “Guys, guess what? You can run for a really long time.“

“Not if you’re super f—— paranoid and you’re like, ‘Oh my God,’ ” Bowen, 48, interjected before detailing her own experience with marijuana.

As the conversation continued, Bowen revealed that she would only use it for “sleeping purposes.”

Bowen said, “I’m like, ‘Who’s following me, I can hear spiders!’ I can hear spiders down the street.”

Following a meeting with her therapist, who she asked about Ambien, Bowen said the medical professional suggested pot.

“I was like, ‘I want an Ambien,’ ” she recalled. “And she was like, ‘That’s addictive, you need pot.’ And I was like ‘What med school did you go to?’ ”

After taking the advice and buying a pack of “Scooby Snacks,” which instructed her to eat “half the bag,” Bowen gave it a shot — but only tried a quarter of the recommended amount.

“Cut to, I was still married and living at my house at the time, me going down the hall like this,” she said as she got off the couch and crawled on the carpet, pretending to search for her ex-husband, Scott Phillips.

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“Five to eight hours later,” Bowen said, “I was like crying!”

Philipps stopped her to say, “Julie, you got way too high!”

“My doctor told me to!” said Bowen.

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