Was Freddie Mercury married and did he have children? | The Sun

FREDDIE Mercury died after a long battle against HIV and AIDS in 1991.

But did he have children and was he married? Here's what we know.

Was Freddie Mercury married?

Freddie Mercury was never married.

However, one relationship was like “a marriage” to him so he said.

Mary Austin is the main love in Freddie’s life and is the closest he ever got to marrying.

The pair dated for six years until 1976 but remained his closest friend for the following 15 years until his death.

They met in the early 1970s and began dating, during which time Mary lived in West Kensington with Freddie.

But just a few years into their relationship, Freddie had started an affair with a man.

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In December 1976, he told Mary of his sexuality, ending their romantic relationship, though it did not end their friendship.

In an interview in 1985, he said of Mary: “All my lovers asked me why they couldn’t replace Mary, but it’s simply impossible.

“The only friend I’ve got is Mary, and I don’t want anybody else. To me, she was my common-law wife.

“To me, it was a marriage. We believe in each other, that’s enough for me.”

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Did Freddie Mercury have children?

Freddie Mercury is not believed to have fathered any children, but he was godfather to two children.

He was godfather to the eldest child of his former long-term girlfriend, Mary Austin, and the son of frequent collaborator and record producer Reinhold Mack.

Who was Freddie's partner when he died?

Freddie was in a relationship with Jim Hutton right until his death.

Jim was working as a hairdresser when he first met Freddie at a London gay club called Heaven in 1985, he once told The Times.

The pair bumped into each other again 18 months later in a different club, and this time started a relationship.

Although they were never married (as gay marriage was illegal at the time), they were essentially a married couple.

They both wore a wedding ring to show how committed they were to each another.

When Freddie was diagnosed with AIDS in 1987, he reportedly told Jim he understands if he no longer wanted to be together.

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Jim stayed with the singer and helped care for him until his death in 1991.

After Freddie's death, Jim went on to live many more years before losing his battle with cancer in 2010.

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