Vin Diesel Deeply Reflects on ‘Fast & Furious’ Fan Message, Including 1 Character His Daughter Saved From Being ‘Excluded’ From ‘Fast X’

Vin Diesel is very closely linked to the Fast & Furious movie franchise that started back in 2001. It’s one of the world’s biggest film franchises and it still has two main series installments to hit theaters. Diesel emotionally responded to a Fast & Furious fan message on social media. The response has the remainder of the fan base going into an endearing frenzy.

Vin Diesel announced the title of ‘Fast & Furious 10’ as ‘Fast X’

Earlier this week, Diesel announced the title official title of Fast & Furious 10 as Fast X on social media with the message “Day one…” along with the prayer hands emoji. The details surrounding the plot remain under wraps, which leaves many questions as to where the franchise could possibly go next.

One Fast & Furious fan tagged Diesel in a post about the direction of Fast X that ultimately inspired the actor to share the message.

“I know my opinion doesn’t matter, but I think many of us would like a classic film for the finale, the first was a classic,” the fan wrote. “I’ve followed your work since I was a boy, I used to pretend to be Riddick, I used to perform your diner scene in xXx, a classic film, like the first, would complete the Fast & Furious.”

The fan continued: “I’m sure it will entertain many, but I want to see the Vin from the end of Multi-Facial talking about his dad, that’s the same Vin as Dom talking about his Dad with Brian by the Charger, keep being you man, you bring nothing but love and it shows, you got this. Peace.”

The user signed it, “Your 7-Year-Old Fan, now 26.”

Diesel responded, “Your opinion is everything … Give me a second to reflect.”

The actor deeply reflects on ‘Fast & Furious’ fan message

Diesel took this opportunity to respond directly to the Fast & Furious fan. As promised, he reflected on what the fan posted. It explored the franchise’s originality and the journey that the franchise went on.

“I am jet-lagged and a bit tired, but your opinion does matter, it is why I make these movies,” Diesel wrote.” When I think, ‘oh the script isn’t ready, I should do what other Hollywood A-listers do and walk,’ I think of you. I think of the millions of people who wait for Fast Films like a holiday, through the highs and lows, moments of disappointment to the moments of confirmation that we have always represented your favorite franchise, and dare I say, your FAMILY.”

Diesel continued to write about how the Fast & Furious franchise truly blossomed on social media. It brought fans together in a way that no other franchise did before on Facebook, which Mark Zuckerberg even recognized. This impacted the casting moving forward.

“You also remember when I asked my incredible fans who they wanted me to work with back in 2010, they said The Rock. He ended up becoming Hobbs, who was initially written for Tommy Lee Jones,” Diesel wrote. “To this day Hobbs is without question his best role, I am forever grateful to him for delivering such a great character. The same was true of Jason Statham, who also continues to shine in our saga. Both are a product of fan-generated casting.”

Vin Diesel’s daughter saved 1 character from being ‘excluded’ from ‘Fast X’

The final Instagram post from Diesel regarding this Fast & Furious fan dug deeper into the emotional side of his response.

“Yes, Your opinion has always mattered,” Diesel wrote. “When the F10 script came in, it excluded Mia Toretto. Someone whom I’ve attributed the brotherhood of Dom and Brian to. I was so disappointed that I couldn’t see how I could continue.”

Diesel continued: “After all, I wasn’t going to make another Fast unless Brian was back in Four. I don’t need to remind you of the petitions you sent the studio for Letty’s return at the end of Five.”

However, the actor added that an unexpected person ultimately ensured that Mia would return to the franchise.

“Side note, you will never believe who corrected the very important role of Mia,” Diesel wrote. “My daughter, the Alpha Angel, who told the director very plainly and honestly ‘NO MIA NO FAST 10!’ haha.”

He recognized the irony regarding the timing that his daughter was born. It was on the same day that he was filming with Mia’s actor, Jordana Brewster, and Brian’s actor, Paul Walker. He ultimately nicknamed Walker “Pablo.”

“There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t want to turn back time, talk Pablo out of heading back to LA that Thanksgiving weekend,” Diesel wrote. “Every Fast film I make must at the core always honor my brother Pablo. In the real world, I will always look after his family, because in the real world he is family.”

The actor mentioned a few of the things that he followed through on for Walker’s family.

“When his daughter asked me to walk her down the aisle, I tear up and then do it with pride and honor,” Diesel wrote. “When his mother asks me to bring Brian back to the screen, well, I don’t have to tell you how serious I take that.”

Diesel concluded: “Fast could never have been here without the profound love and brotherhood between Dom and Brian, established in 2001. Yeah, I am talking too much, but damn, life is short and your comment touched me and hit a cord. Thank you for believing in me, in us. I won’t rest until I make you, him, and the universe proud.”

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