Victoria Beckham is eating carbs again as she posts picture of herself burning it off with yoga

VICTORIA Beckham has ended her carbohydrate ban – but has been hitting the yoga studio to counteract it.

Victoria, 45, has famously shunned almost all carbs for several years and even opted for a watermelon cake on her birthday last year.

But the former Spice Girl's famous pal David Furnish has let slip that she is back eating them again.

Taking to Instagram, David dropped the bombshell on a photograph of Victoria contorting herself into a tricky yoga pose.

He wrote: "@victoriabeckham No sign of that pasta you ate!!!"

Mum-of-four Victoria has spoken in the past about how she keeps such a slender frame.

In an interview with American ELLE magazine, she once said: "I eat lots of fish, lots of vegetables and a lot of fruit. I work out every day, six or seven days [a week].”

Then in 2018, she hit the headlines after celebrating her birthday with a cake made entirely from watermelons and strawberries – without a carb in sight.

Writing on Instagram at the time, Victoria told her followers that she was a "lucky mummy".

She later posted: "They know me too well!"

But the health-conscious star divided fans with her post.

One commented: "I love the idea of watermelon cake. From now on I only want this! Yum!"

However another said: "‘Most miserable cake I’ve ever seen eat some cake please."

Following the revelation that Victoria had eaten a carb-free cake, one reporter from The Sun tried to eat like the fashion designer for a week. 

She later concluded: "This feels more like torture than enjoyment."

Victoria, who is married to former England footballer David Beckham, also starts her day with a slug of apple cider vinegar to 'prep her gut'.

She once told her Instagram fans: "Be brave! Two tbsp first thing on an empty tummy!"

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