Twitter Suspects Racism With Chevel Shepherd’s Victory in ‘The Voice’ Season 15

AceShowbiz -“The Voice” crowned Chevel Shepherd (Team Kelly Clarkson) as the winner of season 15, beating out fellow finalists Chris Kroeze, Kirk Jay and Kennedy Holmes. While it was such an amazing night for the 16-year-old singer, many on Twitter seemingly thought that she didn’t really fit the title, bringing some controversy to the results.

The night saw Kennedy being announced as the fourth-place finisher with Kirk following in third. With that, the remaining black contestants were the bottom two as Chris was the runner-up. Some viewers saw this as a hint of racism as one Twitter user wrote, “Eliminate the black people first. You’re not slick, but okay #TheVoice.”

One other seemingly believed that Kennedy would be the winner and expressed her/his confusion when it turned out that Chevel was the winner. “Um I’m confused. How is it possible that Kennedy cane (sic) in 4th place?”

Another fan echoed, “So unfair! Kennedy Holmes should have won, hands down, no comparison!” Similarly, one other user tweeted, “I will never watch your show again because America got it wrong when they voted Kennedy Holmes in 4th place. Girl please. That kid is a star beyond her years and I know she will show the world and get the glory she deserves. Voice out. Drop the mic.”

This is not the first time “The Voice” season 15 sparked backlash over results. Previously, fans were outraged after coach Adam Levine appeared to play favorite as he urged people to vote Reagan Strange while throwing DeAndre Nico under the bus. That night ended with DeAndre getting eliminated.

“Unbelievable how @adamlevine pushed DeAndre under the bus for Reagan. I’m no longer pulling for Adam anymore. That was really unacceptable. #VoiceSaveDeAndre,” a fan tweeted after the bizarre elimination. Johnna Nico, DeAndre’s mother couldn’t help but blast the coach as well, calling the Maroon 5 frontman “disrespectful.”

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