Truth Seekers season 2 release date: Will there be another series of Truth Seekers?

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Truth Seekers has been released on streaming service Amazon Prime today, Friday, October 30, just in time for the Halloween weekend. Starring comedian and actor Nick Frost, the series is about part-time amateur paranormal investigators who get spooked while working as broadband installers. But as the show goes on, they start to see the bigger picture of what’s really going on.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Truth Seekers.

Truth Seekers is about Gus (played by Nick Frost) who instals broadband for a living for company Smyle.

He loves everything paranormal and so when he isn’t doing his day job, he is running his YouTube channel Truth Seekers.

Boss Dave (Simon Pegg) then soon enough asks Gus to teach new employee Elton John (Sampson) what to do and so starts to shadow him.

However, it isn’t too long before there is more than just Elton following Gus around.

From creepy old ladies, to mysterious radio stations and unexplained ghouls, Gus and Elton start to experience plenty of strange phenomenon.

With Elton’s job as the cameraman, Gus starts to record some of the experiences they have while on their rounds at work.

They start to see a pattern emerging and discover that all of it is more than just a coincidence.

Gus and Elton uncover a conspiracy but could it really lead to Armageddon as predicted?

Will there be another series of Truth Seekers?

Truth Seekers season one has just been released on Amazon Prime.

There are a total of eight episodes which subscribers can now binge-watch, just in time for Halloween.

Speaking at a live Q&A for the premiere of Truth Seekers, co-writer and star Nick Frost was asked about the questionable wig which actor Simon Pegg wears in the show.

Frost explained how all could be revealed for the purpose of the wig if the show is given another series.

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Frost said: “That was Simon’s idea, f**k knows why.

“I mean, he is a producer so he has a creative choice as we all do and he went for that.

“It will all be revealed, should we get a season two, there’s a method to Simon’s madness.”

So as of writing this article, Truth Seekers hasn’t been given a second series but it sounds like the creators are hopeful that it will return.

Alongside Frost and Pegg, actor Samson Kayo stars as Elton John, Gus’ sidekick in the show.

Besides from Truth Seekers, Kayo has been in Murder in Successville, Famalam, Sliced and Timewasters.

They are joined by actress Emma D’Arcy as Astrid who has been in Wanderlust and action series Hanna.

Truth Seekers is available to watch on Amazon Prime.

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