Tipping Point fans rage that Ben Shepherd is 'taking the p**s' with string of EXTREMELY easy questions

TIPPING Point fans fumed that Ben Shepherd was 'taking the p**s' with string of EXTREMELY easy questions.

They took to Twitter after host Ben Shepherd asked contestants, "Where do Australian people come from?"

Fans were stunned at the silly questions being thrown at contestants duringITV's Tipping Point on Thursday.

It all kicked off when Ben asked all the contestants: "A person described as Australian would come from or reside in which country?"

Jo quickly answered: "Australia."

It got worse after that, when Ben asked: "The words 'mock' and 'cocktail' are often combined to make which word that is used to describe a non-alcoholic drink?"

It was Jo whodidn't waste a minute and answered "mocktail."

Fans were also stunned when Ben asked which fruit lemonade was made from.

One viewer tweeted said: "Australian comes from which country. We've hit an all time low #TippingPoint."

A second said: "Someone described as Australian comes from which country?'

They added: "I know that #TippingPoint isn't exactly Mastermind but that Q takes the p***."

"What kind of dumb question was that #tippingpoint," a third asked.

Another quipped: "Even I knew that! #tippingpoint."

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